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We're sorry to hear you have a warranty issue! We’ll be happy to help you with any issues you may have experienced with our products.


Ultra Thin Case

Ultra Thin Cases come with a two-year warranty per purchase, only for cases purchased at a full price of INR 695.00 (non discounted).  Within 2 years of purchase, casevera is happy to provide one (1) free replacement per product purchased. This warranty holds up regardless of the cause of the damage or issue. We just ask you to pay for the shipping! Order for the replacement must be placed within 7 days of receiving the discount code. 

For example, if you purchased on October of 20, 2018, you would be able to make one (1) warranty claim from Oct 20, 2018, to Oct 20, 2020. 


Accepting Replacement

Once the customer accepts a replacement of any item, they are no longer eligible for a return for refund or refund on the original order. If an item is damaged due to a drop then we can no longer offer a refund, only a replacement. 

If you do not want to accept a replacement:
If a customer decides that they do not want a replacement, then casevera will only be able to provide store credit for the amount of the product only. 

We do not accept returns for refund if the item broken has been damaged due to a drop, fall, etc.

If you experience any issues with your items, this will not be counted towards your warranty policy.


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